Double Membrane Gas Storage

The membrane form is achieved by precisely cutting the textile roll to accurate design patterns. These patterns are based on over 20 years experience of the behavior of the textile under pressurised conditions, to ensure even stress distribution throughout the structure.



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    A Outer membrane
    B Inner membrane
    C Air flow system
    D Non return valve
    E Radial ventilator
    F Anchor ring
    G Safety valve
    H Inspection window
    I Ultrasonic sensor
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    2.Ground coating
    3.First PVC coating
    4.Second PVC coating
    5.Top coating
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    1.Outer membrane
    2.Inner membrane
    3.Clamping rail
    4.Bottom rail
    5.Anchor bolt
    7.Bottom membrane


    -Low price: save more than 1/3 cost
    -Short production cycle: all kinds of gasholder can be manufactured within 30 days
    -Long life span: more than 20 years
    -High safety: no gas poisoning caused during maintenance
    -Self-cleaning function

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    1.Outer membrane
    2.Inner membrane
    4.Safety net for inner membrane support
    6.Inspection window
    7.air system tube
    8.anti-explosion blower
    9.Outer membrane pressure relief device
    10.Check valve
    11. Inner membrane pressure relief device
Type and Specification of Inner Membranes

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